Networked Business Initiative

Actionable insight for digital success

Networked Business Initiative is putting nations, businesses and their advisors on the fast track
to improved business practices in the digitally networked society.



 Run as a global community initiative the NBI brings

together academic organisations, commercial partners and industry associations 

in co-creating a globally recognised set of open industry standards

for digital networked business success

Dashboard mock-up

The NBI Dashboard

The Networked Intelligence Dashboard is built on collected data, academic research and empirical facts. It is a multifaceted tool that can be used to create stronger dialogue and collaboration with your clients or members. 

As a partner you can offer the tool to companies and thereby enable them to get a concrete and structured overview of their networked business performance and digital maturity profile. 

  Drill and benchmark data

Drill a company’s data and benchmark the performance against other companies across industries and countries.

  Executive overview

Get an executive overview of a company’s digital performance across business functions and technologies.

  Strategic analytics tool

Insight to make better strategic decisions about the next IT project and how to adapt information technologies more effectively.

  Free access

Access to the NBI Dashboard is free and exclusively available through the global network of NBI partners. 

NBI World Illustration

Run as a co-created community

The Networked Business Initiative is built on partnerships becoming a large collaborative network of business, academia and media. The network shares and distributes data, knowledge and best practice within the use of networked technologies like social media, cloud, data, web and mobile.

With nine different types of partnerships, the initiative covers a broad spectrum of professions and disciplines. 

Free, quality data and intelligent analytics have the power to transform and improve the way business is done. Join the NBI and take part in a common goal of moving digital maturity forward on a global scale.


Selected ambassadors

Lars Fløe Nielsen

Senior Vice President, Sitecore Denmark

Jens Klarskov, CEO, Danish Chamber of Commerce

Jens Klarskov

CEO, Danish Chamber of Commerce

Jan Damsgaard

Head of IT Management, CBS

Adam Lebech

Industry Sector Executive, Dansk Industri

Milestones 2017

  Build the Networked Business Intelligence Dashboard (NBID)
Publish a free, secure, web-based service that allows organisations and their advisors to measure and benchmark digital competitiveness within an organisation.

  Engage 3500 partners, 250.000 companies in 20 countries
Map more than 250.000 companies in the NBI Database – made available to more than 3500 collaborating and partnering organisations in 20+ countries around the world.

 Create industry standards and index for networked technologies
Create a public database which makes it possible for industry groups to publish national and international indexes showing the digital adaption within productivity, innovation and globalisation.

  Funding of 2M EUR (reached 1M EUR by 2014)
Run by the NBI secretariat out of Copenhagen Business School (CBS) in Denmark. Funded and supported by the Danish Chamber of Commerce, the Confederation of Danish Industry, CBS and major international sponsors.

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