The networked Business Intelligence Dashboard

The frontpage of a responding company's Dashboard gives a full overview of the graphs and dimension chosen to be uncovered at the company. 

On the Dashboard users can filter data from the following dimensions:  

Country (United Kingdom, Australia, Denmark, etc.)
Industry (Telecommunications, Retail, Pharma, etc.)

Business process (Marketing, HR, etc.)
Technology (Social Media, Mobile, Cloud, Data Analytics and Websites)

As a responding company or a partner of the NBI project, you gain access to your own unique Dashboard with a personalised login. 

A responding company can see the company’s aggregated data and benchmark this against the statistical anonymized data from other responding companies. The graphs on the Dashboard allow the company to filter and tap into their data and get an overview of their digital performance and potential.

A partner can see the statistical anonymized data from all responding companies. If a partner wants to see the unique data from a specific company the partner has to obtain permission to access the data from the responding company.

The collected data from the survey is aggregated and analysed through the NBI database and shown visually on the Dashboard. The results is communicated through user-friendly interactive graphs showing the results from different perspective of technologies and business functions, which then can be benchmarked against the results from other companies - from both different industries and countries.

As shown in the graph (a visual example) users can benchmark own data up against:

● Industries
● Countries
● Top 25 %

The utilisation of a technology can be seen in a context of one or more of the business functions in the company. 

The user of the Dashboard can choose to look at a specific business function and get insights into the function’s use of technologies and their contribution to the function’s KPI’s and business goals. This way the user can get insight into which technologies create the most value in the company.

Above is an example of a graph showing a HR department's use and utilisation of networked business technologies which can be filtered and benchmarked against other industries, countries or top 25%.

For a live demo of the Dashboard contact NBI at

Once or twice a year, new and extended versions of both the NBI Survey and NBI Dashboard will be published. As the initiative is built as a collaborative effort experts in either fields are encouraged to be an active part of developing the new versions of the NBI Survey and Dashboard. If you are interested in contributing to the project and it’s development, please contact Head Organizer Henrik Kjærsgaard and he will get you involved. 

Professor Ravi Vatrapu on the NBI Dashboard

Both the NBI Dashboard and the NBI Survey has been developed in close cooperation with academics from Copenhagen Business School. 

Professor Ravi Vatrapu from IT Management at CBS has backed the project from the beginning and has been responsible for connecting PhD student Lester Lasrado to the project. 

As the video shows, Professor Ravi Vatrapu is very excited about the project as it connects academia and business in a very unique way, which brings value to both "worlds".  

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