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Welcome to Networked Business Initiative

The Networked Business Initiative (NBI) is putting nations, companies and their advisors on the fast track to improved business practices in the digitally networked society.

The NBI is on a mission to help companies and their advisors thrive and survive in the networked society. 

The NBI offers companies and their external advisors a free, secure and data driven web-service able to map, measure and benchmark the utilisation and business impact of IT at a company, industry and national level.

Run as a global community initiative, the NBI brings together academic organisations, commercial partners and industry associations in co-creating a globally recognised set of open industry standards for digital networked business success.

Vendor benefits

  Get own site

Get access to a Launch-Site branded with vendor's logo. The site comes with an unique URL and lets costumers get access to the survey and ultimately their own Dashboard.  

  Fact-based dialogue

Start having fact-based dialogues with existing and new customers about the impact and potential of the networked business dynamics - from a strategic and operational level. 


  Market insight

Access the database and get empirical market insight for expansion and product development planning. Become a thought leader by distributing the unique findings through events and content marketing.

  Free access

Access to the NBI Dashboard is free and exclusively available through the global network of NBI partners. 


Businesses worldwide struggle to keep pace with the digital revolution that is sweeping through every industry. Networked technologies like social, mobile, cloud, data analytics and web-based information systems radically affect customer behaviour and market dynamics. 

The transformational challenges are enormous and companies need to re-align their staff, products, and processes to stay competitive and take advantage of this new digitally networked society.

Based on self-assesment, the NBI helps organisations understand where they are today and provides a framework for defining a digital vision and identifying priorities to transform that vision to reality. Gain the competitive insights and advantages to thrive in the new Networked Business world.


Project Description & Benefits for Vendors

FAQ & Who is Behind the NBI


How it Works Info-graphic 

'What you get' and 'what you give'

Quick partner sign-up

1.  Sign up and get access to your Partner-Site. Brand your Launch-Site with logos, social widgets, videos and call to action.
2.  Invite your contacts to participate through your Launch-Site URL. Your contacts sign up, submit data and get access to their own dashboard.

From your NBI Partner-Site you can see your respondents, analyse their results and take action! Specific access has to be given to see the individual company's data.


Sign-up guide

Do you have questions regarding becoming a partner?

Read more relevant info here:
   The NBI Partner FAQ
   The Associate Partner Benefits PDF for Consultancies

Reach out to us on one of the the following channels:
Twitter  @NetBusOrg
 +45 70 27 27 31

The NBI Mission

The Networked Business Initiative's overall goal is to help businesses survive and thrive in the networked society by moving digital maturity forward on a global scale.

Run as a co-created community, the initiative is bringing together public and academic organisations, industry associations and commercial partners around the world, with a goal of:

  • Mapping more than 250.000 companies
  • Collaborating with 3.500+ partners
  • Being active in 20+ countries
  • Co-creating and distributing industry standards and best-practice
  • Data and knowledge distributed through the Creative Commons Licence

Sign-up and take part in one of the most ambitious digital initiatives of our time.

 Read more about the NBI mission here

The NBI story

The story of the Networked Business Initiative began in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2010. It is a story about a collaborative network of industry and academia working together to move business' digital maturity forward.

The pilot project in Denmark collected and analysed data from thousands of companies and shared the actionable insights via publications, events and media. During this process the unique collaborative model of NBI has been refined and tested continuously and matured the project into what it is today. 

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