Digital transformation starts with NBI


Run as a global collaborative network, the NBI brings together businesses, academics, professional advisors, media, and industry associations. The network shares and distributes data, knowledge and best practice regarding digital transformation and business success. By joining the network, you can tap into the collective knowledge and opportunities.

Welcome to Networked Business Initiative

NBI offers a series of data-driven assessment tools for mapping, measuring, and benchmarking the performance and business impact of digitalization and IT on a wide range of topics. The tools are developed in collaboration with leading industry experts and academics.


NBI assessment tools are an invaluable help in your work as a professional, or as an advisor to companies, struggling with digital transformation. Use the tools to map, measure, benchmark, and improve a company´s digital capabilities and potential.

NBI Ecosystem

NBI is more than just technology and assessment tools. It is a network of stakeholders working together to push digitalization forward. We call it the NBI ecosystem.                                                                        

NBI Platform

NBI Capability Assessment tools are published on the NBI Platform, an advanced framework based on research, experience, advanced algorithms and high-quality data.

NBI story

The story of the Networked Business Initiative began in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2010. It is a story about a collaborative network of industry and academia working together to move digitalization forward.


NBI Consortium

Networked Business Initiative is founded by the Networked Business Intelligence Research Consortium (NBIRC).


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