A new collaborative approach to data collection and knowledge dissemination

NBI is more than just technology and assessment tools.

It is a network of stakeholders working together to push digitalization forward.

We call it the NBI Ecosystem.




Data collected and shared

NBI Ecosystem

NBI is build around a network of companies, research partners, and academics.

NBI, in close collaboration with experts and academics, are the link between research partners, such as trade organisations, marketing and IT consultancies, media houses, etc., and the companies who come to NBI to map, measure, benchmark - and improve, their digital capabilities.

Run as a global collaborative network, the NBI brings together businesses, academics, professional advisors, media, and industry associations. The network shares and distributes data, knowledge and best practice regarding digital transformation and business success. 

The network of partners creates access to every industry and ensures that the insight gained by the research will actually help companies build a roadmap towards digital maturity as networked business.

In addition, we´ve built up a range of activities around the platform that all aid in the common goal of aiding digital transformation, adding value to the assessment tools and the network.


  • Events

  • Webinars

  • Training sessions

  • Masterclasses

  • Publications

  • New innovative partnerships with a focus on digitalization
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