From 2010 to 2014, the Networked Business Initiative (NBI) has created a large collaborative network of commitment and action between industry and academia in Denmark. 

The project is largely built on an infrastructure of commercial and non-commercial interests who share data, knowledge and best practice within the use of network technologies. The co-created framework developed resulted in new innovative standards of collecting data with a vast number of benefits and value for both companies and their advisors.

Results accomplished

  • The two FACTBOOK reports created from the data collected were printed in 20.000 copies and downloaded 10.000 times and distributed nationwide - used actively by consultants, students, industries and businesses. Download FACTBOOK 2013.
  • 172 partners were an active part of the project's development, success and distribution.
  • 150.000 company employees were invited to respond to the survey with 5000+ replies.
  • 400+ media mentions about the project and the involvement of the partnering companies both in
    print, online and on tv.
  • 25+ events held by partnering companies to disclose the data analysed from their own business

The project started in 2010 as a small pet-project, but through the involvement of the partnering businesses, it grew into a full fledged mission for all involved. Now the “pet-project” has developed into a social entrepreneurship and a collaborative free platform, which is on the verge to launch worldwide in 20 countries with a possible 3500 partnering organisations targeting more than 250.000 companies.

The need for understanding the use and potential of networked technologies has not diminished - on the contrary - and we want you to take part in the global initiative! The industry standards developed will globally align how we measure the use of networked technologies - web, mobile, social media, cloud and big data and their implementation across all major business functions as HR, Marketing & Communication, Service & Sales, Innovation & R&D.

Join us and be part of the global networked business movement!