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Digital competitiveness analysed

Get access to a free, secure analysis and benchmarking dashboard. Map your company’s digital competitiveness. 

Co-created by industry experts, academics and practitioners, the dashboard identifies where your company is either strong or weak in its digital performance. 

It provides your company with actionable insights based on your personalized benchmarking data submitted through the NBI survey.

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A company can get free (!) access to the NBI Dashboard through one of the many NBI partners. The partners are consultancies, vendors and associations. 

Click the button below and choose the partner you prefer. Go to the partner's Launch Site and you're off to gain deeper insights, make better decisions and increase your digital competitiveness!

NBI Dashboard features

✔ Executive overview for digital strategy success
Get an executive overview of your company’s digital performance across business functions and technologies, and build a strong digital strategy.

Comparative benchmarking 
Benchmark your company’s performance against other companies across industries and countries.

Business function scoreboard
Contextualise the use of technologies to the goals and everyday practices of specific business functions. Understand strengths and weaknesses of the digital tactics.

 Free access
Built by academics and industry experts. Access is free.

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Network statements

Grimur Fjeldsted

Digital Innovation Manager, ECCO

"The Networked Business Initiative proves to be a great tool for measuring digital maturity, keeping track of progress and comparing yourself to other businesses in your industry and market."

Jens Klarskov, CEO, Danish Chamber of Commerce

Jens Klarskov

CEO, Danish Chamber of Commerce

"These days, social, mobile, cloud and data-based technologies act as a catalyst for the technological paradigm shift that is changing, even revolutionising, the way we do business."

Anders Lunde, Community Manager, JYSK

Anders Lunde

Community Manager, JYSK

"... Once you're on the “technology train” – comes the hard part! That is why we are pleased with the initiative and look forward to following the results of the research."

Ravi Vatrapu

Associate Professor, Dept. ITM, CBS

"...Such a digital mapping exercise is the first step towards strategic use of networked technologies for generating competitive advantages and increasing operational efficiencies."

Get access through a partner

About the NBI

The Networked Business Initiative brings together academic organisations, commercial partners and industry associations in co-creating a set of industry standards measuring digital practices and their relation to business success. 

The initiative is centered around a free web-service enabling businesses to map and benchmark their utilisation of technologies like social, mobile, cloud, data analytics and web to gain actionable insight for digital success.

Behind the NBI

The project is run by the NBI secretariat out of Copenhagen Business School (CBS) in Denmark. NBI is funded and supported by a consortium consisting of the Danish Chamber of Commerce (Dansk Erhverv), the Confederation of Danish Industry (Dansk Industri), CBS and Sitecore.

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